Knightsblade by Andy Clark


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Knightsblade Andy Clark ebook
Page: 400
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781784967543
Publisher: Games Workshop

Omni Knight Blade «0% Proc Melee Fire sword. Now fighting as a Freeblade, Imperial Knight Luk Kar Chimaeros faces his past when his treacherous step-mother reappears and threatens the Imperium… READ IT BECAUSE The story continues as Andy Clark continues the saga of Imperial Knights in a tale of courage, honour and betrayal. Location: Ninth Limited Qty Shop - Battleon Price: 200 AC Sellback: First 24 Hours: 180 AC; After 24 Hours: 50 AC. Description: No one shall speak a word for he has come. THE STORY Since the fall of House Chimaeros to heresy, Luk Kar Chimaeros has renounced his heritage and his name to become the Knight of Ashes. They know not the power you wield. Location: ShatterGlass Maze Price: N/A (Dropped by Knight's Reflection) Sellback: 250 Gold Rarity: Awesome Rarity Base Damage: 27-33. Mastercraft; can be swapped between Fire and Energy damage.» Location: Redeem the code awarded to players who collected all the artifacts during the Curse of the Phantom Pixel Anniversary Event. Can be swapped between Melee and Magic mode. Rarity: Limited Rare Rarity Base Damage: 27-33. Description: This enchanted sword captures every moment of their owner's life and its glistening light leaves a bitter reminder that as a hero, you will always be ill-fated. Description: Lay waste to those who dare stand in your way. Notes: Also see: Crimson Knight's Bladed Cape. For five arduous years, the Freeblade has pursued his treacherous step-mother across the stars alongside a band of fellow Exiles. Location: Dage Frostval Armor LQS - Book of Lore Price: 0 AC Sellback: 0 AC Rarity: Rare Rarity Base Damage: 27-33. This is a pre-order title, shipping from 03 Feb 2018.

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